Road-trip to Nairobi.

An 8-hour drive from Mombasa is the gorgeous capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.

Nairobi (also known as the ‘Green City in the Sun’) is a dynamic, exciting and culturally diverse town, where I spent my last 3 nights at.

      The view was beyond breathtaking!

The first stop was at the Mackinnon Pir, the magical mosque that serves all.

The next stop was the Makindu Gurdwara. The beautiful Sikh temple provides a peaceful atmosphere and has facilities for free food (langar) around the clock.

My stay was at the Lotos Inn & Suites, a beautifully elegant 66 room hotel with a fabulous view of the Oshwal Religious Centre and the Oval. Being a continental breakfast lover, this place was heavenly to me.

Day 2

My view, during breakfast.

Lunch was at one of my favorite restaurants in Nairobi; Artcaffe. I had ordered Capresa In Ciabatta with the House Focaccia & Choco Chip Cookie Milkshake. 

The rest of my day was mainly spent at the International Organization of Migration (IOM). It was, definitely, not one of the best ways to spend my day since the procedures there were too many and the waiting was absolutely crazy long! I had to wait for approximately 4 hours until I was done.

Day 3

The first half of the day was spent shopping! 

                    Brood’s bakery at the Sarit Centre (left). A glimpse of the Dubai & Egypt Expo at the Sarit Centre (right).

The rest of the day was spent at the Visa Application Centre. By the time I left from there, I was completely exhausted; and you can obviously guess why. The waiting there, too, was ridiculous and I ended up having to sit there for 3 hours just to do get my interview done. 

Day 4


Nairobi City Centre Masai market.

Day 4 was spent just like day 1; on the road. Obviously, I couldn’t leave without treating myself to a good cup of coffee for the road. 


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