What’s In My Carry-On Bag.


In just a few hours, I leave for the UK. It’s going to be a 14 hour journey that includes spending 9 hours on the plane from Nairobi to London. If I had my way, I’d bring everything I owned on the airplane for these long flights (I’m not exactly a minimalist), but I tried narrowing it down to these ‘essentials’. This is what is in my bag, and what I’d recommend for any traveller flying around the world. 

Tab I usually carry my tab with me during flights so I can listen to a few TED talks or watch downloaded YouTube videos.

My go-to pouch– This cute, little pouch is something I carry everywhere I go, consisting of:

  • 2 sanitizers.
  • Wet wipes, to keep myself refreshed at all times.
  • Bandages, in case of emergencies.
  • Hair ties, because esvery girl is always in need of one.
  • Mints/ Chewing Gum.
  • Chapsticks- I added one to my pouch (even though I’m not a big fan of them) since you’re bound to feel pretty dry even if you drink lots of water in-flight.

Planner & Journal– the other two things I need with me at all times. It’s safe to say that I cannot function well without them. And of course I’m carrying a few coloured pens in case I need to jot down my thoughts or underline phrases I like while reading. Or if I feel the random need to doodle. 😛

Reading Material- Reading is one my favourite things to do because not only are you passing your time but also adding value to it. Currently I’m reading ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera. This book is a life changing one and I’d definitely recommend it to be read at least once in a lifetime. I’m also carrying my other favourite book; ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

Snacks– I’m a rare breed since I dislike airplane food. In all my years of travelling, I’ve only had it ONCE, and that too because I was forced by my brother. So if you’re like me, carrying a few snacks is a lifesaver because travelling hangry is the WORST.

Toiletries Pouch– This African-themed pouch is one of the cutest things gifted to me (who doesn’t love meaningful gifts?) It consists of my comb, travel lotion, travel tissues and toothbrush kit.

Wallet– to hold some cash.

Extra Battery– in case I run out.

And of course, the most important of them all; my travel documents.

I’d love to know what’s in your carry-on bag! Let me know in the comments? 


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