London life, so far..

So I have 3 course-works due in the coming week, but here I am, writing this post. 😛

My first two months in London have been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride, with some amazing, heart-warming days and some not-so-happy days but, as cliché as this sounds, there’s nothing I’d ask for than this. The past two months have been super eventful- I definitely have learnt loads from it and had such wonderful experiences, oh and of course, met some fantastic people that I will forever love!

Here are a few highlights from my London life, so far..

Dinner at Casa Mia!

Starters: Bruschetta di Montagna & Funghi Saltati All’ Algio.

Penne al Pesto Verde

Pizza Siciliana

Casa Mia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Sunset at the airstrip!

I still remember how beautiful this day was; in fact how beautiful this moment was. Driving back from Costco while the sun was setting forced us to make a small detour to the airstrip, just to watch this breath-taking sunset. Such a memorable moment!

Golfing for the first time!

My first shot at golfing- I turned out to be pretty good. 😛

Trip to Bicester Village!

During both my visits to the countryside, I’ve been lucky enough to spot huge, stunning rainbows while on the go.

An afternoon at Waffle House!

That one time we drove for 40 minutes just to have Waffles, because ignoring Waffle cravings is a sin!

First Diwali in London!

Fireworks for the home display.

The fireworks display at the Swaminarayan Temple was the BEST EVER! I stood there- during the entire display- with my mouth wide open, in awe. Every single firework perfectly matched the beats of the songs played; it was simply surreal. It’s definitely something to never be missed!

To end it with, a few photos I have taken of the stunning sunsets here in London.

Stay Happy.



2 thoughts on “London life, so far..

  1. Tooting Hustle

    Wow you’ve done so much in such a short amount of time! keep it up 🙂

    One place I would recommend is coming South of the River and try shopping in Tooting, we have a great Broadway market and some interesting finds in our charity shops! Check out on of my reviews of Octavia Foundation charity shop at

    Happy blogging x

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