An afternoon at Borough Market.

London, Travel

A few days back, I was taken to one of London’s largest and oldest food markets, Borough Market. It consists of more than 100 stalls selling different types vegetables, cheeses, breads, cakes and much more; you name it and it’s there.

As soon as enter this foodie’s heaven, you are hit by the aroma of the combinations of fresh products on offer.

After touring around the market for some time, I was taken to try the famous Empanadas there and OH MY GOD I fell in love! They were so delicious that I ended up having more than 3! I would definitely recommend them to anyone visiting the market. It is a must have!

We went on to explore some more, after that.

This was me trying Macaroons for the first time.

We also tried a burger from this Vegan Burger Bar, but I wasn’t too impressed. Given the option, I would not order another one.


We ended our day trip with some award-winning, organic milk, vanilla and strawberry ice-cream (yes, even though it’s winter – people were staring at me on our way back). Oh well, at least I had a great afternoon!

Stay Happy.



7 thoughts on “An afternoon at Borough Market.

  1. Love all of your pictures! We had a wonderful time on our trip to London but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit this. Now I have a reason to go back!

  2. Wonderful photographs… this is making me homesick for London. I love borough market – another good one to try is Spitalfields or Greenwich. Are you still in London or are you back in Kenya now. I have just moved to Nairobi, it is a great city. Ali

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