Review of the Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle + Chocolate Tart.

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MNKafé – One of Mombasa’s favourite and reigning café has upped their game even more with the all new Strawberry Cheesecake Waffles.

But, there’s bad news in the end.


The unique, decadent waffles were artfully executed, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. As soon as you take the first bite, there is an explosion of flavours in your mouth; first of the carefully picked Strawberries, then of the cheesecake and in the end there is an aftertaste of the Graham cracker cheesecake waffles that are soft yet crunchy, making them have the perfect texture required. Each of the ingredients were impeccably complimenting each other.

The divine waffles were served with a cute little cup (which I fell in love with) consisting of layered ice-cream that had a rich aftertaste of Strawberries and cream cheese. You could say that it is a visually and delectably exciting experience that definitely leaves you craving for more. Though I would love to be selfish and keep the waffles all to myself, the work of MNKafé is too good to stay hidden for long.

The bad news is that this dessert is not on the menu currently but will be releasing soon. Till then, you can drool over these photos. 😉

Chocolate Tart


The beautifully presented tarts may appear simple but have remarkable depth. The base is not too hard nor too soft; it has the perfect consistency while it falls apart in your mouth, just the way it’s supposed to. Its crunchy texture is fabulous. Even though the tart is oozing with chocolate goodness, there is no flavour that is overpowering the other. In fact, the firm crust balances the richness of the chocolate very well.

It seduces your taste buds for only Ksh.350. I’d empty my pockets everyday if I were skinny.

*On my way to MNKafé to indulge in more of this goodness*